Leather of Marrakesh

Moroccan leather of Marrakesh

I just left the craftsman after a new morning spent by his side. He told me many stories about leather and his pride in working the leather according traditional methods, like his father and his grandfather before him. Nestled in one of the many Foundouk of Marrakesh, his dark shop does not attract attention. And that's good. Humbly, he prefers not to have too many orders, because he knows he can not satisfy them all. Hand made Ottomans and leather bags are impeccable in terms of quality.

Foundouk in MarrakeshLeather ottoman of Marrakesh

By talking about the leather tradition of Marrakesh, his eyes slightly tarnished, so hardly noticeable, and I understand that tradition has taken a bad way. Previously, he said, manufacturers of leather came from very far away to sell leather in Marrakesh. He remembers his grandfather who was visiting those merchants, its friends too. In a caravansary of the Medina, they shared mint tea, and they was talking and laughing and negotiating prices for skins. His grandfather knew how to choose the leather. He knew the manufacturing techniques and knew whether leather was worked or not in the traditional way. The colors has natural vegetable origin. Tanning also was made ​​by processes using only natural materials and for removing odors too.

Genuine leather handbags and ottomans

Leather handbag of MarrakeshLeather handbag of Marrakesh

The Genuine leather allows to hand made high quality ottomans and handbags. The colors do not leave, the leather does not rub off, only the sun can eventually tarnish the luster of these leathers. The seams are crossed, stitched into the leather, not at random, such that only a trained eye can achieve, not a machine. He shows me a centenary leather bag her grandfather had kept. I realize that this story of the quality of leather, as we hear in every corner of the souk, has a real origin. And still retains its (few) artisans. They are not many in Marrakesh, leather-working the old way, but their work is outstanding. I stood gaping at the poufs, bags factor, handbags called "Mexican" or bags he made from leather.

Leather handbag of MarrakeshLeather ottoman of Marrakesh

Coming back to the streets of the Medina, I return gradually to reality. It is impossible for me to watch the leather bags, poufs or belts hanging on the stalls without thinking of this artisan. The history of leather in Marrakesh is fabulous. It takes us back to the history of the red city, where the past Berber caravans crossed the arid area and mountains to come and sell the leather in Marrakesh. Whenever I go spend some time with this craftsman, I redo this trip back in time, listening, never get bored, drinking a mint tea.

Colored Leather handbag of Marrakesh

Colored Leather handbag of MarrakeshColored Leather handbag of Marrakesh

We have often discussed together about the idea of ​​introducing those products on the Internet website. But I never dared to ask him to take photos of it. It's her one day, who told me about his latest idea of colored handbags made ​​of genuine leather. He had made it with calf leather, very difficult to work by hand because of this very thick leather. The results are amazing. This range of leather handbags comes in 3 sizes and in many colors: Desert Rose, Blue Storm, Green or Orange sunset are among the available colors. Thus, all leather products that are available on our website are all passed into the hands of the craftsman and are of the highest quality.

Leather ottoman of MarrakeshLeather ottoman of Marrakesh