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If you find an error or omission on any page of the Website, or if you experience any difficulties, please contact us.

Site Navigation

Main Menu : The main menu (left column) allows to navigate easily in our Website. It contains links to all the main categories of crafts on the site.

Breadcrumb : Breadcrumb beginning with : "you are here : " is automatically placed before the main content pages and lets you know the page where you are and quickly return to top level navigation.
This breadcrumb is present on all pages except the home page.

Search engine : The internal search engine is automatically placed at the top and can search for specific information without going through a usual navigation.

Access Keys are programmed on the entire site :

  • "1" move to the Home page.
  • "3" move to the site map.
  • "5" move to the FAQ page.
  • "6" move to the help page.
  • "7" move to the contact form.
  • "8" move to the Legacy page.

Key combinations for validating these Access Keys differ in different browsers :

  1. IE Windows : Alt and [Access Keys], then Enter
  2. Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon, FireFox Windows: Alt and [Access Keys]
  3. Opera 7 Windows, Macintosh, Linux : Esc + Shift and [Access Keys]
  4. MSIE Macintosh : Ctrl and [Access Keys], then Enter
  5. Safari 1.2 Macintosh : Ctrl and [Access Keys]

PDF Files

You could find some PDF files in our Website.
If you don't have Acrobat reader, you can download it on the Adobe Website : Download Acrobat Reader.