Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan wrought iron LampIn Morocco, home lighting always helps to make the rooms warm and friendly. Soft lighting is often preferred, creating shadows for a soothing atmosphere. Relaxing to the eyes, the soft light enhances the sense of well-being and privacy.

Craft Moroccan lamps are at the heart of this staging. Ubiquitous in Moroccan decor, these lamps are designed to distribute indirect light. Moroccan artisans use manual technics to create design lamp where light is filtered by iron patterns, coloured glass or goat skin.

These lamps and lampshades are made of iron, sometimes covered with a goat skin, and made ​​by master craftsmen in their discipline in Marrakech.

if a lamp or a lampshade is not available, we will need only few days to make it.


  • Wall Sconces

    Wall Sconces

    Moroccan Wall Lamps & Sconces produce beautiful lighting effects in a corridor, a lounge or a dining room. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere provided by those Moroccan Wall Lamps & Sconces.

  • Moroccan Lamps

    Moroccan Lamps

    Moroccan Goat Skin Lamps give your home an exotic atmosphere with a typical soft lighting. Every Lamp is hand crafted in Marrakech, according to ancestral craft technics. We enjoy to offer a large selection of Moroccan Lamps, with new lamps coming every month.

  • Patina Wall Lighting

    Patina Wall Lighting

    Moroccan craft offers quality home improvement products such as Patina Wall Lighting and sconces designed for indoor decor. Moroccan Craft of Marrakesh.