Moroccan Lamps


  • Wall Sconces

    Wall Sconces

    Moroccan Wall Lamps & Sconces produce beautiful lighting effects in a corridor, a lounge or a dining room. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere provided by those Moroccan Wall Lamps & Sconces.

  • Moroccan Lamps

    Moroccan Lamps

    Moroccan Goat Skin Lamps give your home an exotic atmosphere with a typical soft lighting. Every Lamp is hand crafted in Marrakech, according to ancestral craft technics. We enjoy to offer a large selection of Moroccan Lamps, with new lamps coming every month.

  • Patina Wall Lighting

    Patina Wall Lighting

    Moroccan craft offers quality home improvement products such as Patina Wall Lighting and sconces designed for indoor decor. Moroccan Craft of Marrakesh.