Decorative Garden Fountains

Morocco garden fountainA house without a garden is like a sunless summer. With its majestic trees, flowers and alleys, a garden is like a little paradise. If the garden is still as fashionable today, is that it caters to the need of rest and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle.

Friendly place, a garden is like a spectacle of nature, reproduced on a miniature scale. A game of hide and seek where some details are hidden. Thus, vegetation stages overlap, opening the view on a trail or hiding a little place with a table and chairs near a Garden fountain.

Morocco garden wall fountainThe forsythia is very common in gardens. It is one of the first at spring to spread its numerous yellow flowers. It is often present at the beginning of an alley plants or in a flowerbed. its stature and wearing stylish curves with long stems soften the straight lines of aa alley, a bench or a garden fountain. In addition, foliage, bright and shiny green goes well with the mineral.

Before you choose a garden fountain, consider some parameters. The choice of a fountain will be determined by the location chosen in the garden and the space available. In a small garden, there is a tendency to use smaller wall fountains towards central fountains, occupying the space in height and limiting the footprint. Small area of a garden is well filled by a better use of space. A simple water tap on a wall can be transformed into a fountain.

At contrary, supplied with water in a closed circuit, the fountain will be freely installed along a stone wall or integrated with a base (such as a ruin) in a clump of stones, rocks and flowers. Of course you have provided power to the pump. For a better decorative effect, the symmetry of the vertical lines of the fountain can be broken by the proximity of different floors plants, and uneven curves of the base in the background

Garden Fountains zellige

Garden Fountains zelligeGarden Fountains zelligeGarden Fountains zelligeGarden Fountains zellige

Ferns, lilies and forsythia can garnish the edge of the fountain. This little haven created will illuminate the garden, hidden from view by a flowery hedge of trees of honeysuckle, Mock-orange or butterflies. Note the importance of choosing shrubs flowering spread to enjoy a flowering hedge near the fountain from spring to autumn.

The larger gardens can accommodate a central star fountain, surrounded by flowers. Depending on the plants used and the climate, the fountain will have warm or cool colours. In areas where summer can be scorching, refreshing fountain on the blue and white colors may be a solution. Reinforced by the sound of water, feeling cool in summer recall the gardens of Marrakesh. it will miss the presence of orange and palm trees to complete the resemblance. However, a garden fountain in brown and beige tones will look great in the middle of the countryside.

Garden fountains are very important in Morocco and exist in many forms, colors and patterns. Traditional Moroccan fountains zellig are based on floral motifs mixed with variegated colors and geometric shapes made ​​of zellig tiles. A white and blue color background is usually garnished with motifs in red, ocher, yellow and sky blue colors. The basin often detaches by its clear blue tones.

Stone Garden Fountains

Stone Garden FountainsStone FountainsStone Garden Fountains

Whatever the chosen fountain, wall or central fountain, large or small fountain, it will always bring a special atmosphere, giving the garden a unique charm. Moroccan garden fountains are available for all tastes, but you can also choose your own patterns, colors and sizes for your custom fountain.