Moroccan Living Room

Moroccan Living Room

Privileged place of the house, a cozy nest dedicated to relaxation and well-being, the Moroccan living room holds high the decorative art of Moroccan craft. It highlights the nobility of this ancestral know-how through time. Never dated, rooted in the Berber tradition but open to new trends, Moroccan craft is incomparable. It provides sensations of softness and quietude through many styles of Moroccan living room.

How to create a Moroccan Living Room

In the spirit of Moroccan people, it is important to enjoy times of rest during which you share tea with mint or the couscous. If nomadic Berbers traditionally found themselves around a fire in the dunes of the desert, most Moroccan gather around a coffee table.

Sedentary or nomadic people, each one builds its living room on the same immutable principle. Benches attached to the walls surround a coffee table arranged on a Moroccan rug. Cousins ​​velvet bring color. The living room is arranged with corner furnitures, pedestal tables, wall sconces, ceramic vases and a Moroccan tea service. Each pedestal table has its shade, and Berber warriors paintings often adorn the walls. A scent of incense sharpens the senses. A slight pungent odor announces the mint tea and the spicy coffee. The sweetness of the soft lighting invites you to get comfortable. Welcome to Morocco.

Moroccan crafts offers a lot of solutions to create a Moroccan living room and to add many decorative items and accessories such as a Moroccan tea service. The Moroccan furniture provide many amazing decorative styles, hand made of wood or metal. The choice is very large to realize the Moroccan living room just like you.

Elements of a Moroccan Living Room

Sedaris of a Moroccan Living RoomEach element of the living room is hand made by a craftsman or a Berber woman. This is the case of carpets and cushion covers. The most opulent living rooms offer drapes or curtains on the walls and ceiling. These silky fabrics were made in villages from of Aloe vera fibers by Berber people.

Bench of a Moroccan Living RoomA bench is made of a Sedari topped with a mattress wrapped into a large cushion cover called Tlamet. The Sedari is a wooden frame with transverse slats fitted with a facade. It is made of redwood or mahogany wood. Its dimensions are often 200 cm long by 70 cm wide. You can sometimes find Sedaris of 180 x 70 cm or 250 x 70 cm.

Cushion of a Moroccan Living RoomMoroccan Living RoomThe velvet cushions have usually two colors harmonized with the Tlamet. We find a color of pale or white background, and floral patterns or arabesques of highlight color (red, burgundy, beige, brown, tan, black, gray, silver, gold, blue or green).

Moroccan coffee tableMoroccan coffee tableThe table is the center of the room. It is usually made ​​of mahogany wood, carved and / or decorated with embossed metal. In most cases, the coffee table is like a work of art that focuses the attention. Modest in size, its diameter rarely exceeds 80 cm or 120 cm length for rectangular tables. A glass plate covers the upper part of the table revealing embossed metal decorations.

Decoration of a Moroccan Living Room

The light plays a special role in Moroccan decor. Moroccan light fixtures are designed to diffuse indirect light through colored glasses. There are chandeliers, pendants, ceiling lights, wall lights and lampshades.

Moroccan Wall SconcesMoroccan Wall SconcesMoroccan LightingMoroccan Lighting

Fixtures of Moroccan crafts can be made of iron, copper, tin and even nickel silver for the most luxurious. They have often colored glass sandblasted (red, yellow, green, tan or beige). They range from 10 cm to over 2 meters height for the greatest. They always come in all home decor projects and Moroccan inspired living room.

A great living room in Morocco can have more than 10 fixtures discreetly arranged on the walls, corner furnitures, floor or suspended from the ceiling. By this way, the Moroccan salon become more friendly and you may enjoy to share it with friends or family.

Moroccan LightingMoroccan LightingMoroccan LightingMoroccan Lighting

The specific atmosphere of a Moroccan living room comes from a variety of form and color, but also by the mix of raw materials and of textures. Moroccan artisans appreciate natural raw materials for making every piece and ornaments. In a living room, velvet textiles and sabra, carved and decorated wood, finely engraved metal, embroidered or woven wool carpets and terracotta create an unforgettable ambiance.

Moroccan Living room FurnitureTo create a Moroccan living room and stay true to its spirit, we will try to mix styles and to occupy the corners of the room. Furniture corners are a classic Moroccan furniture. They are used to decorate and to put a lampshade and a few decorative accessories. We can find books, an incense burner, an ashtray or decorative objects.

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For all your needs of a living room, we can help you in your project by suggesting fabrics, decorative styles, tables and furniture built to order, and even living room specially designed for you. The deadline for making a table or a furniture is about one week to 10 days.

Please feel free to send us photos of your living room, and we will make you proposals to decorate it with a Moroccan touch and to suit your budget. We can deliver by truck from Marrakesh to Europe, and by sea for other destinations.