Hand-made Interior Design

The vintage home decoration is currently coming back with many Web sites offering antique decorative objects. The plastic was honoured in the 60's and 70's, but today, it seems that metal and plastic are not unanimously approved by interior designers. The French proverb « All that glitters is not gold » takes on its meaning.

Ecolo Deco trend

This winter, decorating magazines heralded the new green Deco trend. There is a need to recreate a cheerful and warm home atmosphere. It is true that the flats decorated with shades of white, black and gray colour have a lack of originality and gaiety. The result is often cold and impersonal according to me.

Moroccan decoration

Yet, without a huge budget, we can achieved to add a natural touch to its colourful interior, with nuance and subtlety.

The Moroccan Lamps are a mixture of design and colour. Their lighting is indirect, projecting on the wall halos with soft and shimmering colours.

They are made of natural materials like copper, wrought iron, aluminum and goatskin. They have a vintage side ... for those who have experienced the charm of antique moroccan houses.
For others, they are in the Deco green trend, creating an intimacy and providing a warm atmosphere. The tone is set!

Decorative and useful objects

Moroccan Lamps and Zellij Table

The originality and feeling of comfort and well-being also revolve around Decorative objects that will customize your Decorative interior.
Artisans create useful objects that it seems to be designed for indoor decoration.

Moroccan LampThe Moroccan Lamps made in Marrakesh (Morocco) provide a well-being that we can find in Riad or Hotel.

Moroccan style home decorating invites rich colors and traditional patterns. Then you may create an exotic atmosphere by bringing the outside into the interior through the use of exotic plants, zellij tables and fountains, crafty Moroccan lamps, terra cotta tiles and textured walls.

Mosaic designs decorate many Moroccan Palace, Riad, Home and Hotel interiors. Also mosaic designs are used for decorating Moroccan tables, mirrors, bathroom sinks, fountains creating traditional Moroccan home design with cheerful and bright color contrasts.

Zellij Top Table

Zellij Moroccan tables

Moroccan zellij top tables offer a large panel of colours and ethnic patterns. Ceramics Serving Dishes with spices and Moroccan Hand-painted Ceramic Vase with tropical flowers add the final touch, really evoking sensual Moroccan home decor.

Moroccan ashtrays

Moroccan ashtraysMoroccan ashtrayWe enjoy to present you the famous Moroccan ashtrays from Safi. Potteries of Safi still essential, whose decorative motifs can be incorporated into any indoor decoration. Colour matching is always successful, producing potteries with discreet design.
The Moroccan ashtray of yellow and black colour is a symbol of potteries from Safi.

So, our little travel in the famous world of indoor is finished. We hope that you share our passion for Hand-made Interior Design and have found here new ideas for your home decoration. Now it's up to you
Have a great harmony for tour home design!