Moroccan Handicraft Wholesale Supplier

Tanger Med PortMoroccan handicraft is one of the engines of the Moroccan economy, widespread in the Kingdom of Morocco and implementing many techniques and materials. If the Moroccan craftsmen usually have an undeniable artistry and impeccable expertise,however, it remains a matter of specialists. A Moroccan crafts wholesaler is primarily an advisor to its clients. He is the guarantor of quality handicrafts that will be presented in the retailers shops.

  • Garden Fountain
  • Garden Barbecue Grill
  • Terracotta Garden Lamp
  • Moroccan Lantern
  • Moroccan Ceramic platter

Since 1998, our customers from Germany, France, Swiss, Italy or Australia trust us, some of them working with us from the beginning and we thank them. Throughout these years, we have promoted our values ​​of fairness and respect for the customer. Moroccan artisans we have patiently selected for their qualities continue with us, more than ever, with their enthusiasm and new ideas.

2014 will remain a special year for us, with the launch of our web site. We are selling online for individuals, but it is also a showcase presentations of new items for our business of Moroccan Handicraft Wholesale Supplier. It does not yet contain our entire catalog of products, but it already meets many categories of products that we will update regularly.

Our wholesale business will not change radically with this website, but our relationships with our customers will be easier through a better communication. For quality but also comfort for the client, we chose to create a Google+ page dedicated to the presentation of photos and videos of Moroccan crafts. We are also present on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates on new products.

With these new communication tools, we will be even closer to our customers' expectations.

Moroccan Handicraft furnitures

You can now find all items available online in the following list (alphabetical order) :

Custom Moroccan crafts

All items can be custom made (shapes, sizes, colors). Thus, the decorative patterns of your table zellig can be matched to those of your garden fountain. It is the same for many articles. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or specific needs.

Moroccan Handicraft Wholesale Supplier

Certificates and Documents

When the goods are dispatched, several documents are prepared by the Moroccan authorities governing exports. These documents attest to the origin of goods, their value, compliance and determine the tariff classification of goods.

The tariff classification of goods

The tariff classification of the goods is the name of the goods in the Customs Tariff Nomenclature. It is a codification accompanied by a designation assigned to this recognized in each foreign country goods.

The certificate of origin

The certificate of origin is a document by which the authority certifies Moroccan origin of goods. This certificate is issued by the Moroccan customs services or the services of the department of crafts for carpet.

Certificate unleaded

Since January 2009, the Moroccan State Secretariat for craftsmanship has established a certification attesting that the goods do not contain harmful substances or lead. This is particularly the case for pottery, including varnishing products or alloys such as brass, which consists exclusively of copper and zinc.